Our facility is equipped to manufacture oral solid forms as capsules, tablets and powders in jars. Our tablet and encapsulation capability is comprehensive, with a full range of shapes and sizes. Pharmaline specializes in the contract supplement packaging of Dietary Supplements with a wide range of packaging and bottling options including unit packing of sport nutritionals. With full control over service, quality and reliability all under one roof, we provide one vendor convenience to our customers. We continually provide innovative solutions to meet growing demands and deliver to you the highest quality at the most competitive pricing.

Export Business Manager – NOC 0601

Pharmaline Inc, Mississauga, ON, Canada.

Pharmaline Inc was founded in 2006 with a vision of providing best services in the field of Herbal Formulations, Nutraceuticals and Supplements manufacturing and packaging also exporting our brands worldwide. As a dietary supplements manufacturer, we handle a wide variety of dosage forms and pride ourselves in delivering collaborative, proactive and dependable service.

We have an immediate need/opening for Manufacturing Manager (full time) who experienced in manufacturing of dietary supplements, Nutraceuticals, Herbal Formulations. Certification in health & safety at work aspects is a big plus. Join our team in a position that lets you grow with us!

Job Title: Export Business Manager
Years of Experience: Should have at least 15 years’ experience in handling export business with Europe, Asia, Africa, and South East Asian Countries.
Education: A Master’s in Business Management
Qualities: Strong background in Finance and Accounting, Analytical skills
Employment Status: Full time Permanent
Wages: $75-$80 /hour
Job location: Mississauga, ON, Canada.
Job Summary:
  • Design and implement all export strategies and activities and ensure adherence to all project requirements and prepare all export documents within the required timeframe and schedule efficient shipping activities and identify appropriate transportation method in assistance with customers.
  • Prepare an effective business plan for all projects to achieve the required product volume and profit and organize all market plans to suit all customer requirements and monitor all specific transactions of all customers for all processes.
  • Administer all export of goods and ensure compliance to all organizational policies and procedures and monitor all financial and currency processes and transactions and manage all communication with export authorities for all required countries.
  • Monitor all existing and prospective markets in Europe, USA & Middle East countries and assist to identify appropriate business opportunities and review all company products and develop and maintain professional relationships with all agents and clients and assist in the shipment of warehouse products.
  • Serve in a key capacity in the development of departmental and product line policies and procedures and their subsequent implementation.
  • Execute complex, multi-party, international transactions from inception to completion.
  • Familiarity with all the export documents and Banking financials in various export markets.
  • Manage all banking logistics for export activities and prepare required documents and prepare special labels for brands and ensure adherence to all shipping schedule.
  • Forecasts and manages P&L while creating comprehensive strategies to fully develop all available markets and potential relationships.
  • Oversees the development and execution of the Trade Finance line of business within the Capital Markets department to include all sales, trading, operations, administration, risk management, and reporting activities related to the delivery of services to customers.
  • Coordinate with management and plan participation in all trade shows and ensure all activities according to customer specifications and assist business partners to design efficient distributing strategies for customers and ensure compliance with all export regulations.
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to bank customers anticipating or undertaking international trade with respect to standard practices, methods of payment/collection and required import/export documentation.
  • Anticipate and identify potential risk with regards to deal structuring, documentation, transaction geography, and in-country political climates.
  • Monitors and negotiates optimal retail pricing levels with customers as well as wholesale sourcing costs with correspondent banks.
  • Administer all existing clients and ensure the optimal level of marketing strategies and design required consumer promotions for various trade fairs and maintain an optimal level of customer satisfaction and assist to identify new markets.
  • Serve as line supervisor to staff in support of Trade Finance business to document, structure, execute and administer all aspects of international letter of credit transactions.
  • Evaluate all reports submitted by sales staff and recommend appropriate changes if required and maintain all operational records to prepare all project sales and establish profitability in an organization and provide training for all sales and services programs.
  • Lead, coach, and motivate employees through encouragement and reinforcement, to create a work environment that fosters teamwork, high morale, and retention of the workforce.
  • Demonstrate leadership and resourcefulness in all interactions with employees, colleagues, and internal and external customer.
  • Supervise efficient working of sales staff and ensure compliance with all export objectives and design sales strategies according to customer requirement and collaborate with the country sales manager to prepare a budget for projects.
  • Provide training to all export team and perform an assessment of all work and assist to achieve all export objectives and develop and maintain professional relationships with all clients and perform regular communication with all staff and clients.
  • Responsible for adhering to the department’s budget by monitoring performance on an ongoing basis through variance analysis. Responsible for developing the Trade Finance line of business budget on an annual basis.
  • Reports regularly to the Managing Director of Capital Markets on the progress, potential, and optimization of the organization’s opportunity with Trade Finance services.

We will check references with previous employers. If you are a qualified candidate, please email cover letter, pay requirements, work history, resume, and references. We will contact the most qualified candidates within the next month. Email responses only. We are an "Equal Opportunity Employer" -- this job description / advertisement does not constitute an offer or guarantee of employment

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